What is poké?

Say Aloha!

Poké is a traditional Hawaiian dish of marinated sushi-grade fish, most commonly tuna or salmon.

To Flavors

This Hawaiian staple has bold and balanced Asian flavors like soy sauce, citrus, and sesame.


Poké bowls are a quick and customizable meal that take the best elements of traditional poké and combine it with a variety of vegetables served up on a bed of rice or salad.

And Health!

Each bite is an exciting mix of flavors and textures, and is packed with nutrients such as omega 3, iron, vitamins B and C, and calcium.

Around the world, different countries and cultures have adopted their own regional delicacy using raw fish sourced fresh from their shores.

Using their own distinct ingredients and flavors, these dishes have become synonymous with the local cuisine. Sushi and sashimi in Japan. Crudo in Italy. Ceviche in Latin America. And, of course, poké in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Poke Bowl